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As your Personal Design Coach we work with where you are at and where you feel like you are not moving towards fulfilment.

The focus of your program will depend on where you are at in life and in your spiritual journey. Because the sheer existence of life is a spiritual journey.

We are here to remember that to live, is to be a soul having an experience in a human body. To remember that this earth plane gives the soul a fast track expansion and to remember to make the most of this opportunity to be alive on the earth at this time.

Personal Design sessions will work with the tools of


Tantric Numerology of your Birth date and Atlantean Name Reading and Life Path Readings to uncover the vibrational frequency you are blessed with this lifetime. Using your name and birthdate and applying numerology and atlantean technology, we uncover specific gifts and challenges that live within your vibrations frequency and bring into awareness ow these aspects have powerful influence in your life.

Personal Design Sessions help to

  • Understand dharma and karma and how it plays out your destiny

  • Aligning the fragments of your life to bring together a clear pathway forward

  • Lifestyle planning in relation to balancing career, family and personal goals

  • Career, Business and returning to the workforce guidance

  • Personalised support in financial planning and budgeting to start to live a life in the current of PROSPERITY, rather than survival.

Leila McKail Business and Personal Desig

$220 for a 1hr 30min session

Zoom Online Meeting Rooms


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